San Joaquin Laser Aesthetic Center

Permanent Makeup

Established as an obstetrics and gynecology practice, San Joaquin Laser Aesthetic Center has expanded its services, shaping up shapely brows and smoky eyes with Nouveau Contour permanent makeup. 

Medical Pigmentation, or permanent make-up, is the revolutionary method of depositing hypo-allergenic mineral pigment color into the dermal layer of the skin. It is a very precise process and therefore very important that you should trust the procedure to a skilled medical professional.

Your Medical Professional & Nouveau Contour pride themselves in offering the most natural and affordable results on the market today. Nouveau Contour is the first digitally driven Medical Pigmentation device that offers the only fully sealed one-time use needle cartridge system. This patented* cartridge system allows your medical professional to eliminate cross-contamination risks while providing optimal results in less time. The Med 1000 is the best of German engineering, known among Medical Professionals for its high precision and consistent frequency due to its on-board microprocessor. 

Nouveau Contour Pigment colors are hypo-allergenic and manufactured under  rigorous standards. Stringent quality control procedures guarantee that we are offering only the best, natural and highest quality pigment colors. 

*US Patents 6,345,553 and 6,505,530

Each procedure lasts about an hour. Following a permanent makeup application, most clients feel comfortable immediately returning to everyday activities, which can include sweat-soaked Jazzercise marathons, headfirst jacuzzi swirlies, and searching for Jack Palance’s hidden gold.